Being a barber, you don’t just do standard men’s cuts. They come to you because they’re looking for an edge. Like short on the sides and longer on top or a freshly-cut and styled beard (we all know how proud men are of their beards and how long they can grow it).

Browse our wide range of barbering products. From artisan beard oil and moustache wax to black modelling style gel and cover those pesky grey hairs, find the kind of products with us that you don’t often see.

Who ever said it was only women who like treating themselves? He’s going to love these brands – Gibs, Bedhead, Andis, Dear Barber Fibre, OG Baller, American Barber Clay and Proraso.

Get all your razors, clippers, and styling tools. They’ll all look (and smell) great with these products.



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