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Every artist needs her (or his) tools. For you, it’s your clippers, scissors, combs, hair dryers, rollers, and styling equipment.

Then, there are the products to help you do your work such as the chairs, stools, heat master, portable and pedestal basins (and parts), tint rack and foot rests.

Whatever you need for your salon, find it here. From globes for UV sterilisers, hand mirrors to show clients the back of their hair, through to styling stations and trolleys, you can order it here and save.

All artists have their own way of creating.

Maybe it’s that old chair that you’ve used for years and can’t part with, or your favourite trolley with the perfect amount of storage. You know where everything is without having to look.

When you are ready to upgrade, however, buy your equipment here. Every product in this collection has been selected by hairdressers out there, and are using it right now.

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