Brilliant Silver White is a temporary toner and highlighter designed to remove yellow and brassy colours form blonde and grey hair.

With Brilliant Silver White, all it takes is one application for instant results.

From Brassy - Yellow tones to beautiful, shiny and cooler blonde hair! Also reduces red tones and adds shine to natural brown hair and brightens natural grey hair.

Sold in one 15ml bottle, putting a few drops in some water and rinsing through your hair is all it takes to get the effect that no amount of purple shampoo or conditioner on the market today can match.

Being a Water Based Product, It will not damage or dry your hair and is easily removed with just one shampoo. Brilliant Silver white is a non-metallic product that can be used on all hair types.

Each 15ml bottle contain up to 30 applications based on the average use of 10 drops per application.

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