Heat Protectors

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  • Thermaprotect 200ml DAVROE

    Thermoprotect Thermal Protection Spray by Davroe is perfect for heat styled hair.
  • Thermaprotect Spray 50ML DAVROE

    Protection spray ideal for all heat styling tools infused with Gingko & Chamomile extracts.
    HOLD: 2
    SHINE: 5
    AROMA: Desert Lime
  • Thermal Control Spray 120ml AGI ONE

    AGI One Thermo Control, protects hair by creating a film over the hair shaft, protecting against damage from heat styling. Over time, this will increase moisture and shine lost through chemical services.
  • REPARAMAX Ends Repair Spray 55ml AGI ONE

    Soller protection reparamax 55ml product formulated with silicone intelligence that prevents and repairs the ends.
  • Thermal Protectant 375ml AFFINAGE

    Protect your hair from direct heat styling and eliminate frizz and static with Thermal Activated Technology.

    Affinage Professional Thermal Protectant seals and smoothes follicles upon application to prevent heat damage from hair styling tools. Containing Marula Seed Oil which is rich in Omega-9, and Avocado Extract which is loaded with vitamins A, B5 and E, this spray is highly effective in healing, moisturising and nourishing hair and scalp.

  • BLACK ICE Thermal Shield 250ML AFFINAGE

    Thermal Shield is the ultimate heat protectant spray with added moisturisers for continued nourishment and protection.
  • Cristalli Heat Protector 250ML

  • Lifestyling Thermal Protector Spray 200ml MILKSHAKE

    An ultra-fine formula created to protect the hair fibre from the heat of blow-drying, straightening irons and curling wands. Creates an invisible film over the hair that prevents split ends, breakage and damage, as well as reducing drying time. Distributed in SA/NT only.
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