What is a Co-op?

The significant difference between a Co-operative and a company is its democratic nature. Co-operatives are owned and controlled by their members and they apply co-operative principles and values in their day-to-day activities. Co-operatives are based on values of community, democracy, equality, and solidarity.

Co-operative enterprises invest their surplus profits back into the Co-operative or alternatively return them to its members. A  Co-operative’s primary focus is to help  improve and strengthen  its community.

So what does that mean for you?

  • It means that our company exists for you
  • We exist for you who spend 100% of your working day standing up, you who start early and finish late
  • For those of you that have to be a life coach, social worker and sometimes even a shoulder to cry on
  • We are for you who are devoted to helping people look and feel their best
  • We exist for you who are passionate, creative and artistic – the hairdresser, barber, beautician and make up artist
  • We are fanatical about helping you become the best you can be
  • We provide you with the most innovative solutions, tools, products and education to help you get to the top of your game
  • We’re here to make you profit because we are owned by you
  • The profits we make line your pockets, not an owners. It is invested right back into our members
  • Because we’re here for you

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