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Are you unsure what products might work best in your salon, barbershop or makeup studio? You don’t have to commit to just one, unless you fall in love. That’s the beauty of buying your hair and beauty supplies from a wholesale provider. You might not know, we’re the National Wholesaler of the Year... two years running in 2019 and 2020! You’ll discover exclusive hairdressing supplies, beauty wholesale items and all the types of products you need in your everyday operation. Hair styling products, hair treatment products, colours, shampoos and conditioners, style tools, and more.

As an exclusive salon professional supplier, expect to discover some of the world’s best hair and beauty brands. Browse collections from Screen, milk_shake, Beardburys, Davroe, Evy Professional, Gibs, Evermate, Parlux, Babyliss, Cureplex, Moroccan Tan, Proraso, Affinage, Joiken, Activance, Andis, and L'oreal. We didn’t get the National Wholesaler title by partnering with just any brands. The collections you find in our range are industry favourites, used and loved by professionals worldwide (and across Australia). Good products help make a name for your salon. Who you choose to bring into your salon or shop is an important decision. And, you’ve got a spread of the world’s best, right in front of you, so it’s never been easier to position yourself as a community hair and beauty leader. 

If we had to pick favourite wholesale hairdressing brands in our range, it would be difficult because they’re all amazing. This is good news for you, as we’ve done the hard work of curating the world’s best salon wholesale brands. Why would we stock every brand when we can choose the best? If you want a carefully selected range to choose from, with your needs in mind, we have you covered with the best  Wholesale beauty supplies and Wholesale barber supplies

Hair Beauty Co-op is more than just awesome brands. It’s a community where you’ll find like minded people, educational opportunities, and information that will further develop your salon, business, and artistry. We are one of a kind in Australia because we are owned by our members, and everyone owns a share.

Profits are returned to members via ongoing discounts, specials and loyalty programs in-conjunction with our regular member magazine, free technical help and other benefits. The profits don’t line the pockets of an owner they are returned to our members,We exist for the Hairdresser, Barber, Beautician and Makeup artist not for ourselves.

Now isn’t that a good reason to make a change??? When a business exists only to support you because we are you? By the way, we don’t discriminate, we love you if you are a solo operator trying to make a buck or a multi salon operator trying to get the best deal! So come on give us a try, you won’t be disappointed!


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