Who Are We?



It’s 1944. A group of professional hairdressers sat around a table of the Master Hairdresser’s Association of SA AGM. It started like every other meeting and ended with a collective vision… 

To launch a cooperative to support hairdressers, with discounted goods and services. But through equal ownership, with all profits returned to its members – hairdressers, barbers and beauty artists. 

There was just one problem. Capital. 

Operating a cooperative (that’s owned and run, jointly, by its members) has the same challenges every business does. But we did have something that no other wholesaler has (or ever will have) – a collective spirit. 

In our, now, 75-year history, we’ve remained true to that original vision: staying member-owned, free from corporate agendas and returning all profits back to our members… via discounts, loyalty programs, member’s-only content, education and free technical support. 

Most importantly, every member owns a share in the Co-Op… and an equal vote. 

Today, we’re still Australia’s only hair and beauty cooperative. We just happen to also sell the best exclusive products in the market. But don’t just take our word for it. We won the 2019 AHIA National Wholesaler of the Year Award. 

Few things pass the test of time… or an entire 75 years, for that matter. But our unwavering commitment to exist solely for the prosperity of you, both as the artist and business owner, is one.  This is our ode to you. 

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